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A 1 Ha open air playground to challenge our DIY skills and collectively create fantastic installations


Daily sessions to increase our knowledge on temporary use, collective intelligence, the Commons, DIY/DIT, etc.


Plenty of moments for casual meetings and wild experiences, because that is when strong bonds are developed


picture by Yes We Camp

After 2 years of activity, Vive Les Groues is in this delicate moment where it has developed the basis of its personality while still being fully mouldable. The site is still quite bare and offers countless possibilities for boosting it to a whole new level of possibles. To us, it seems like the perfect moment to gather visionary ideas and lots of hands to create imaginative spaces in unexpected places.

During the STUN camp, we will act as a 100 people-strong task force designing, building and using our site.

Since the camp is a participative event, we believe that this process starts with your involvement. For that reason, we invite you to share a dream you might have through the application form. This dream has to deal with the creation of a space. Any space.


Dream big, dream micro, dream mad, dream useful. Dream it up and share it with us! We just ask you to make sure it is achievable. Among all dreams proposed, we will select two of them and realise them all together during the camp.

Sharing your imagination with us all, will add a touch of spice to the whole affair!



picture by Communa

STUN's members are experts in temporary use of abandoned buildings, participative processes as well as DIY. This knowledge will be shared through workshops during the camp, with the aim to spread the practice.

Ideally, all participants go back home with a boost to get active in temporary use projects in their hometowns.

However, you bring a lot of knowledge too! The camp's programme is devised with time slots for participants to exchange with each other. If you want to share your practice or knowledge, propose it through the application form.

The more propositions, the richer the camp.

picture by Johan Adrian Buus



As a network, STUN has the goal to generate interactions among its members, participants and local communities.

We believe that bonds are created within situations of spontaneity and fun. We also like adventures. For those reasons, the STUN camp programme will include many moments of socialising, playing and celebrating.


What about a collective big jump in the Senne? Or a gigantic hide-and-seek game? Do you have an idea? Submit it through the application form!

picture by Johan Buus


STUN camp takes place from

   10 - 20 October 2019

We understand that it might be difficult for you to free yourself for the whole length of the camp. For that reason, we designed it in two blocks. You can choose to come either for one block or for both.

Block 1: 10 - 15 October

Block 2: 15 - 20 October

Each block is a programme in itself but coming to both will intensify the experience and have you enjoy the camp even more.

Vive les Groues

Vive les Groues is located 20 minutes away from Paris' centre in the middle of a neighbourhood subject to substantial changes due to the development of La Défense, Paris' new business place. It will continue to run as a transitory project until real-estate developers erect a tower on it in 8 years’ time.

In the meantime, Vives les Groues exists like a capsule of oxygen and magical green space for neighbours to socialise and create. Vives les Groues is a place where citizens can get involved in the co-design of their direct environment and  consequently develop their own activities.

Holding the camp there will support this project by increasing its exposure, developing its infrastructure and anchoring it deeper within the local community.

picture by Yes We Camp
picture by Yes We Camp


Our team will work hard to make Vive les Groues as cosy as possible by installing showers, tents and toilets as well as a collective kitchen and a meeting place.  

However, do keep in mind that the STUN camp is a rough and romantic experience. We will be living and sleeping on an ex-waste land. So come with the mindset that fits this setting.

Also, as it is a participative event, we expect everybody to be proactive so that the camp flows as smoothly as possible.

Be responsible, be cooperative and we will all have a blast!


We will sleep in shared tents (2 - 4 - 20 people) provided by our team. Pack your sleeping bag, your mat and pillow, your eye mask and earplugs.


The camp site will be kept quiet for families and sleep lovers to sloth at ease. Chill out and party will be held on the site's other end.

For modern nomads, there will be parking for approx. 20 vans (first subscribed, first served)


We will have a chef cooking up magnificent veggie meals.


However we thought you would also like to discover Paris the City of Lights. For that reason, there will be two evenings per block where we will not provide dinner and you will be free to eat away. For those who prefer to stay at Vive les Groues, a collective kitchen will be available to cook your own meals.

Bring your own plate/bowl and cup/mug and cutlery/chopsticks!


We will install warm showers, toilets and sinks for you to have a wash.


Everything will work properly but keep in mind that our installations will be rustic and outdoorsy.


Bring your towel, soap, tooth material as well as a nail cutter in case your claws grow too fast.


To prepare your bag, think of what you would pack for a scouts camp:

warm/rainproof/comfy/light clothes, bedding, notebook, toiletry, ...


In addition to that, we ask you to bring 3 items:

  1. an object to upcycle

  2. a brilliant work tool to use

The camp has NO wifi connection, so make sure you bring your own means to connect to the world if you wish so.

Your contribution

We have received some funding to cover STUN camp's basic costs. As a non-profit project, we can only properly work if all participants contribute to the expenses mindfully. However, in the new world that we intend to create together, money can no longer be an obstacle for participation.
For this reason, we propose 3 different rates to enable everybody to take part in the camp. Please choose your plan consciously in reflection to your financial situation and your role within this supportive payment structure. All rates cover food (excluded 2 dinners per block), accommodation in shared tents, facilitation and coordination of the whole event - nothing will be left for greedy shareholders.
We charge a bit more if you come for 1 block rather than the entire camp because it generates more work for our team (admin, accountancy, hosting, cleaning, etc).
Children under 14 years come for free.

>€200 for the entire camp

>€120 for either Block 1 or Block 2

click on the name and discover this interesting concept - offer a ticket to somebody who cannot afford it - pay as much as you want


€200 for the entire camp

€120 for either Block 1 or Block 2

= what we need in order to cover all costs


€100 for the entire camp

€60 for either Block 1 or Block 2

= choose this option only if you cannot pay the 'real costs' rate. If everybody chooses this option, we will not be able to organise the camp. Be mindful.

If you really cannot afford any of the above rates, send us an email to and we will find the best solution together.

Join the

If you want to join the camp, click the yellow button and fill the form. Once you have applied, we will send you a package-email with all necessary information.

any questions?

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