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STUN unites platforms that rehabilitate empty buildings across Europe and put the fabrication of cities in the hands of their inhabitants.

When people unite, they celebrate.

For the launch of STUN, we decided to celebrate in a radical way and we designed the STUN camp, wich we intend to organise on a yearly basis.

STUN = Social Temporary Use Network

picture by Asbjørn Sand

Our aim

The STUN camp has a two-fold ambition:

1) Gather platforms of temporary use in order to create and strengthen STUN as a network

2) Reach a wider audience in order to spread the practice and mentality of temporary use.

But wait a minute, what is temporary use?

It is a practice where each empty building becomes an opportunity to develop new approaches to city making.

Temporary use platforms turn empty spaces into resources to respond to urban crisis (housing, lack of affordable spaces) as well as create laboratories where occupants develop proofs of concepts in a broad range of fields such as horizontal democracy, tactical architecture, social economy, active education, urban food production, soft mobility, green energy, recycling, etc.

The people behind STUN camp

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Brussels-based non-profit Communa is behind STUN's launch. They form a fresh, energetic team and like to stretch our society's borders. They are in charge of coordinating the camp and centralising all information/vision/questions -- expect the unexpected.

Rebeca FL

Creative Direction

Globetrotting artivist and co-founder of two performance companies (weave & Bottlefed), Rebeca is the brain behind the concept. She is in charge of facilitating the camp, organising funky experiences and keeping the vision in sight, always with a touch of improvisation and humour.

Yes We Camp


Paris' and Marseille's based non-profit Yes We Camp are this year's camp's host. Their project started by setting up a camp on an empty land in Marseille in 2013 and they haven't stopped creating imaginative spaces all over France since then. Thanks to them, you'll become a wasteland queen/king for 10 days!

picture by Julia Basista

STUN camp is organised by


in collaboration with

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with the support of

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Join the


If you want to join the camp, click the yellow button and fill the form. Once you have applied, we will send you a package-email with all necessary information.

any questions?

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