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Actors of change



What is

STUN camp

STUN camp is a yearly, trans-European melting pot inviting actors of change, DIYers, masterminds and activists to imagine, create and celebrate together.

The camp always takes place in a temporary use site which is run by one of STUN’s partners.


Introducing Vive les Groues

​For the launching edition of 2019, temporary use organisation Yes We Camp open the doors to one of their sites in Paris.

Vive les Groues serves as an incubator for local initiatives brought to life by Yes We Camp and partners. The purpose is to create sustainable projects and relationships that can continue their lives within the neighbourhood once the site has been turned into a residential district.


During our camp, we will support the ongoing metamorphosis of this site by dreaming up new and useful spaces for the community of Vive Les Groues.



We believe that the practice of temporary use consists of creating visionary spaces in unexpected places.  Each empty site represents an opportunity to develop new practices, new usages, new collaborations. We aim for utopia.

STUN camp 2019 invites you to sow your seeds of utopia to turn a waste-land into an urban garden of Eden. You are welcome.

picture by Yes We Camp

Who is STUN

camp for?

If you identify with the transition movement, if your heart beats faster when you see an abandoned site, if you can turn a log of wood and some screws into a castle, then you should come to STUN camp!


Beware! The STUN camp is not just another festival. We want you to sweat, connect and explore the practice of temporary use alongside key players from across Europe. We want you to live a fully participative experience where we create a short-term ecosystem and explore how our dreams can change the world.

If you have children, bring them along. We want to build the world our children will inherit, together with them!

Join the


If you want to join the camp, click the yellow button and fill the form. Once you have applied, we will send you a package-email with all necessary information.

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picture by Olivier Leclerq
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Due to the Covid crisis, we had to postpone our next STUN camp to spring 2021


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